CIIS Graduation – Spring 2022

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Link here for the full video ceremony

Here is a video I shot earlier this year that was for The 54th Annual CIIS Commencement Ceremony of the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).

For this video, I was lucky enough to take the lead on the majority of the pieces, including professor and student speeches, an original music video for the band AstraLogik, and a short choir piece as well. Hope you enjoy the ceremony & congrats to all the graduates!

Jenny Mohr – Intro Video

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Here is an intro video I made for a good friend of mine, Jenny Mohr, who is a Transformational Intimacy Coach working primarily in the Bay Area. This video was a special one for me as one of my main goals in my video work is to align with people and organizations who are connected to fields like psychology, trauma recovery, and therapy.

If you’re curious to explore more of Jenny’s work, you can check out her website here as well.

“Dancing With the Void” – Art Walk Recap

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I just want to give a huge thank you to everyone who showed up for the opening reception of my art show, this Tuesday night. It was a really special time to reconnect with some old friends and family and meet some new folks as well. I think with COVID these kinds of live events are more appreciated now than ever. Don’t we all want a little break from the Zoomverse?

If you happen to be in Mill Valley this Spring, feel free to stop by, and follow this link here for more info and to register for the free show. Here are some photos by the dynamic duo of Karen Winokan & her partner Gianni Restani.

Bay Area Art Show: “Dancing with the Void”

Art, Events, Illustration, Mixed Media

Hello all! I’m very happy to announce that I’ll be doing my first solo art show in Mill Valley, at At The Top salon / gallery. I’ll be presenting some past work, as well as a few brand new pieces across the mediums of acrylic, print, and clay paint.

This show will be featured as part of the Mill Valley Art Walk, a free event hosted by the Mill Valley Arts Commission every month. A link to RSVP to the show (and also add it to your calendar) is listed below.

Opening night will be on February 1st: (6:30 to 8 PM), while the art will be on display from January 11th until April 5th, 2022. Hope to see y’all there!

MassArt Podcast: Art History & Advocacy


This is a podcast I edited & mixed for JET Reflections, a MassArt podcast that explores topics on Justice, Equity, and Transformation (JET) within the MassArt community and beyond. This piece features a discussion between the former president of the school, Kym Pinder, and JET Program Coordinator Zayra Campos (dated September 2020). I hope you enjoy the talk!

The full transcript is also available here for download.

Cisco WebEx One | 2021 Keynote

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This is a keynote series for Cisco, where I worked as an assistant editor. For this project, our team collaborated with both Spinifex Group and George P. Johnson. In this role, l helped ingest and organize media for senior editors, as well as generate multi-cam sequences and run quality control on multiple assets.

Above is a link to the complete series. Enjoy!



I’ve sought out shooting shows, musicals, and dance pieces much more in recent years; from BTS work to live stills. Coming from this world myself makes me have a natural affinity for these spaces and the special energy they hold…also working with great performers like these ones makes the experience of shooting photos even more collaborative and playful.



Working in photojournalism, I’ve been lucky enough to shoot a variety of powerful stories for different Bay Area publications. Some of the topics I’ve covered include natural disasters, the homelessness crisis, and community heroes. I love the unpredictable nature of this work, and how I am allowed to learn something new with each assignment.