CIIS Graduation – Spring 2022


Link here for the full video ceremony

Here is a video I shot earlier this year that was for The 54th Annual CIIS Commencement Ceremony of the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).

For this video, I was lucky enough to take the lead on the majority of the pieces, including professor and student speeches, an original music video for the band AstraLogik, and a short choir piece as well. Hope you enjoy the ceremony & congrats to all the graduates!

Jenny Mohr – Intro Video

Commercial, Promo

Here is an intro video I made for a good friend of mine, Jenny Mohr, who is a Transformational Intimacy Coach working primarily in the Bay Area. This video was a special one for me as one of my main goals in my video work is to align with people and organizations who are connected to fields like psychology, trauma recovery, and therapy.

If you’re curious to explore more of Jenny’s work, you can check out her website here as well.

Cisco WebEx One | 2021 Keynote

Commercial, Promo

This is a keynote series for Cisco, where I worked as an assistant editor. For this project, our team collaborated with both Spinifex Group and George P. Johnson. In this role, l helped ingest and organize media for senior editors, as well as generate multi-cam sequences and run quality control on multiple assets.

Above is a link to the complete series. Enjoy!

Squirrels & Robotics

Commercial, Documentary, Promo

Recently I made a video for Berkeley News about a paper (published by Science Magazine) which examines the leaping skills of squirrels using high speed cameras.

The information gathered in this research could help built better robots that have more nimble control of their environment, and can do maneuvers such as search through the rubble of a collapsed building for survivors. The data collected could also help create a better understanding of movement problems associated with aging — also watching squirrels leap in slow mo like ninjas is damn cute.

The photos I helped light and capture of our furry friends were also used for the August cover of Science Magazine! If curious, you can find the issue here.

A Closer Look at Drama Therapy

Commercial, Promo, Theatre

Image above: an actor performs a scene from a “Theatre for Change” Drama Therapy show from Fall 2018.

This is a compilation video of Drama Therapist and professor Renée Emunah discussing the Drama Therapy program at CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies) and answering some FAQs about the program.

I’m proud of this piece because exploring the intersection between mental health and filmmaking is something I want to continue deepening in my work — as well I have personally been touched by Drama Therapy in my own life and acting career, and I feel more people should better understand what this work centers around. Also shout-out to my friend Kelso Harper for helping co-produce and DP this piece as well.

Enjoy! And stay tuned for more collaborations with CIIS in the near future.