Berkeley News: Tilden Turtles

Documentary, nature, science

Hi everyone — here is a piece I produced alongside Roxanne Makasdjian about Tilden Park’s Jewel Lake and their community of Western pond turtles — a native species that is facing a variety of threats, including climate change, habitat loss, and competition from red-eared slider turtles. 

The good news is that folks like former #UCBerkeley postdoctoral scholar Max Lambert and a team of wildlife experts are out to help support the vulnerable shelled cuties.

Hope you enjoy. Link to the full article is in the YouTube description.

Berkeley News: Biodegradable Plastics

Documentary, nature, Promo, science

Photo by Adam Lau

Here are two additional installments to my work with Professor Ting Xu’s lab at UC Berkeley. The videos below go into the unique process they discovered to generate biodegradable plastics and why these new formulas can be such a strong alternative to common biodegradable plastics on the market today.

Also if you haven’t seen the PBS “Out of Our Elements” piece that used some of my lab footage, feel free to check it out as well. Enjoy!

PBS Terra – Out of Our Elements

Documentary, nature, science

Recently I was lucky enough to contribute to the PBS Terra channel and their new series “Out of Our Elements” which explores science-related videos for a more diverse, younger audience.

I shot this footage at Professor Ting Xu’s lab at UC Berkeley, where I got to see these innovate biodegradable plastics be developed and decomposed and also extruded into wonderful spaghetti-like forms.

I also shot some other content at Ting’s lab which I’ll be releasing soon for Berkeley News. Enjoy!