“Soma Room” (2021 Video Essay)


Back at the end of 2020 I was living in Boston studying printmaking and film at MassArt. At this time, I was processing many things in my life, and I was drawn to creating a video essay that spoke to some of the reflections I was having.

“Soma Room” is about the places where our soma / body feels the safest. It’s also an exploration of the contradictory powers of nature. It’s an acknowledgement of the warmth it can provide, and also the revelation that we are fragile when the mud cracks, or the winds don’t blow our way.

This project was shot during one day at the Arnold Arboretum on 16mm film.

Art Gallery

Art, Illustration

Here is a collection of some of my recent art. I like to work in collage, illustration, and mixed media. Occasionally I will blend my photographs (or old, archival photos from magazines) with my drawings, and use them as a backdrop and initial inspiration for a larger piece.

My usual goal is to make art that makes people think, laugh, and reflect. Surrealism and constructivism play big influences in all my work. The line between formality and the absurd has always interested me, and I like to play in that zone. When in that zone, I seek to tell stories of the outcasts, oddballs, and loners of our world as well as my imaginary one.

If you want to check out a PDF of my art portfolio you can click here.

“Rembrandt on the Beach” (2019)

Random one-off pieces featured below.

Assorted Sketches

“The Sofa Waltz” Series + Prints (2021)

“Grace Kelly” Series (2018)

“Do Not Fret” Series (2019)