Josef Sudek X Georg Kolbe Collage Series

Art, Illustration, Mixed Media

I made this series last winter while in Mt. Shasta, and never posted it on my website, until now. This is one of my favorite series. I love combining seemingly opposing elements of photography and sculpture with pastel color schemes and earth tones…and these two artists I felt had a surprising sense of kinship with each other that could rest well in a frame together. In both their work, I find a stoic brotherhood of sorts. 

Hope you enjoy it and feel free to reach out to me for prints and follow my other artistic adventures on Instagram here @paraprose.  Many thanks!

Berkeley News: Tilden Turtles

Documentary, nature, science

Hi everyone — here is a piece I produced alongside Roxanne Makasdjian about Tilden Park’s Jewel Lake and their community of Western pond turtles — a native species that is facing a variety of threats, including climate change, habitat loss, and competition from red-eared slider turtles. 

The good news is that folks like former #UCBerkeley postdoctoral scholar Max Lambert and a team of wildlife experts are out to help support the vulnerable shelled cuties.

Hope you enjoy. Link to the full article is in the YouTube description.

Berkeley News: Biodegradable Plastics

Documentary, nature, Promo, science

Photo by Adam Lau

Here are two additional installments to my work with Professor Ting Xu’s lab at UC Berkeley. The videos below go into the unique process they discovered to generate biodegradable plastics and why these new formulas can be such a strong alternative to common biodegradable plastics on the market today.

Also if you haven’t seen the PBS “Out of Our Elements” piece that used some of my lab footage, feel free to check it out as well. Enjoy!

“The Developers” Art Series

Art, Illustration, Mixed Media

I’ve been inspired by desert landscapes a lot lately (in my filmmaking and artwork). Recently I completed a series that I’m really proud of inspired by New Mexico pueblos specifically called “The Developers”. It tells the story of two real estate developers who come into town and seek a profit in this arid and sacred landscape.

Below are three versions of this series. Robert Rauschenberg and the film Paris, Texas were both big influences on this series as well.

Hope you enjoy and feel free to follow my Instagram @paraprose to keep up with my most recent creative concoctions. I also sell prints and paintings there too 🙂

PBS Terra – Out of Our Elements

Documentary, nature, science

Recently I was lucky enough to contribute to the PBS Terra channel and their new series “Out of Our Elements” which explores science-related videos for a more diverse, younger audience.

I shot this footage at Professor Ting Xu’s lab at UC Berkeley, where I got to see these innovate biodegradable plastics be developed and decomposed and also extruded into wonderful spaghetti-like forms.

I also shot some other content at Ting’s lab which I’ll be releasing soon for Berkeley News. Enjoy!

Squirrels & Robotics

Commercial, Documentary, Promo

Recently I made a video for Berkeley News about a paper (published by Science Magazine) which examines the leaping skills of squirrels using high speed cameras.

The information gathered in this research could help built better robots that have more nimble control of their environment, and can do maneuvers such as search through the rubble of a collapsed building for survivors. The data collected could also help create a better understanding of movement problems associated with aging — also watching squirrels leap in slow mo like ninjas is damn cute.

The photos I helped light and capture of our furry friends were also used for the August cover of Science Magazine! If curious, you can find the issue here.

A Closer Look at Drama Therapy

Commercial, Promo, Theatre

Image above: an actor performs a scene from a “Theatre for Change” Drama Therapy show from Fall 2018.

This is a compilation video of Drama Therapist and professor Renée Emunah discussing the Drama Therapy program at CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies) and answering some FAQs about the program.

I’m proud of this piece because exploring the intersection between mental health and filmmaking is something I want to continue deepening in my work — as well I have personally been touched by Drama Therapy in my own life and acting career, and I feel more people should better understand what this work centers around. Also shout-out to my friend Kelso Harper for helping co-produce and DP this piece as well.

Enjoy! And stay tuned for more collaborations with CIIS in the near future.