Foodie Call – The Pie Hole


While working for ABC7, I was lucky enough to produce a piece for “Eye on LA’s” Foodie Call segment. I also got to write the script and stuff my face with some delicious pie holes on-camera…which was probably some of the easiest acting I’ve ever done.

Also if you’re in the mood for some more sweets, be sure to check out my other Foodie Call here.

UnCommon Law Fundraiser

Documentary, Promo, Shorts

Above photo: Justin Bench

‘m happy to announce a partnership I’ve started with UnCommon Law alongside my friend and mentor Justin Bench. This organization is an incredible non-profit legal team that saves those wronged by the criminal justice system and brings families together through prison reform. Seeing firsthand people get a second chance within our unjust system is a beautiful and inspiring thing.

If you’d like to help support their work, and attend one of their future fundraisers, check them out here:

Enjoy and thanks for watching!

Eugene Tssui and The Yao People

Documentary, Promo, Shorts

Here is the first episode in a mini-series I have been working on with my friend Justin Bench. The series is about Eugene Tssui and his influence and solutions on sustainable architecture. This series lies within the larger scope of our series Upside. The mission of Upside is to profile change-makers in sectors of energy, architecture and education that are providing us with real world solutions, not just overwhelming data, which so many documentaries seem to give us.

Please share end enjoy! Thanks!